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honda civic 7. Short shouting sound when starting


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hello guys, I'm from spain. I have a 2005 civic vii hatchback with almost 200.000 km its the 1.6 d16v1 motor and manual shifter. I changed the wheel bearing when i bought it second hand like seven months ago because of a sound. the timing belt has been changed in 120.000 km and i think the cluch maybe is starting to get bad.

Normally IT HAPPENS when I start the car cold, it appears a quick sound like someone shouting and i also notice the rpm go way up at the beginning almost 2000, like 1700 or 1800 and in 2 min go down to 800-1000. For the rest the car is ok. one payed mechanic scanned the car when i bought it and said to me no codes.

i hope u can help me. and sorry for my english

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Have you checked the serpentine belt?

no, I'll do. Thanks