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please help trany filter


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Hey, Scotty please help I can't find the transmission filter in my 2012 ford fusion s. I am changing the transmission fluid in the car but I can not find the filter. fusion has 107,235 miles help. 

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I was unable to find a diagram of the the transmission filter location.

I was able to find a number of sites that are stating the transmission is designed for drain and fill only.

Apparently the filter is non-serviceable (easy to access), the transmission would need to be removed and disassembled in order to change the filter.


Did you already open up the transmission?

You did. OK that wasn't smart. You should never start work on a vehicle without doing your research, and gathering all the tools and parts you need FIRST.
Now, as was mentioned, your transmission might not have a removable filter. So call the dealership service centre with your VIN and ask them if that's the case.

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