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1998 Chevy Venture over heating


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Thermostat changed, upper and lower hoses changed... van was smoking some Then changed the water pump a few days ago, drove van and it over heated going high way speeds. Fans not turning on (shouldnt high way speeds be able to keep it cool without fans?). Blown head gasket or worth fixing? I know this is kinda vague, its a friends car and she doesnt know a whole lot about car issues. I just dont want her changing the fans and find out that wasnt the problem! When she changed water pump, she put 1 gallon of antifreeze in it (should it have taken more? Possibly clogged radiator?) 1 gallon was all that fit, she said she put some in, turned on vehicle then was able to put the rest of the gallon in. She doesnt have the money to keep chasing problems 

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