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2017 2.5L ford fusion se,, left rare driver side TPMS taken off , been driving for almost a month, and some issues shows up


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HI SCOTTY, how are you doing? i am one of your new fan . and im here to ask for your help, .. ABS , Traction cntrl lights on and Advance track issue on my 2017 2.5l ford fusion everytime i am turning hard left , steering is a liitle hard or stiff, but goes away in a couple of minutes. is this car still safe drive my family? thanks and GOD Bless!

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Those traction control systems are garbage on those Fords as they age. It happens when you turn hard so odds are the wiring harness is wearing out and then it loses connection and trips all those codes. Damn way you could really tell us if a guy like me drive it with this fancy scan tool and when the trips the codes analyze that data that's recorded on the machine to see what parts are actually going wrong but many people drive years with those traction control systems not working