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2021/22 Silverado or Sierra dependability.


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Hi Scotty, have you seen a lot of complaints about the newer model Silverado or Sierra? I'm still driving my 08 Titan which I've had zero problems with but am thinking of updating my ride in the next year or two. I'm very sceptical about buying American made. I keep my vehicles for a while so I want something that will last. I feel like the new Titan is a bit overpriced and am not crazy about the interior. The new Tundra is off to a rough start and when I think of longevity turbo chargers are not the first thing that comes to mind. Thanks.

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Scotty has mentioned many times in his videos that late-model GM light-duty trucks (1500 series) are junk, and that with GM you have to move up to the heavier-duty 2500 series for something decent.


If 21 is an option for you, then Tundra is the clear choice.  The GM v8’s are ok, but have had lifter issues.  The 3L Duramax (which is what I have personally) is quite good.


I would still take the turbo charged Tundra over a GM product. I know they had waste gate issues with the new Tundra but it has been fixed; repaired those people had already bought and also fixed the rest before sending them out to dealerships.