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Most reliable $10,000 SUV


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Scotty, I love the channel. I’ve consumed it all. I need to sell my Ridgeline because I’m having a 4th kid and need 6 seats. I have a budget of $10,000 and I’m in Canada. What third row SUV should I get?

Watching your channel every vehicle has problems. I’d love a Highlander but I’d need to get a 2007 with 230,000km to stay in budget. 

Watching your channel it seems like a 2010 Ford Explorer is my best option. 

Please help. I have until April

Thanks so much. I love the channel. 

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Congrats.. wishing you the best with your new blessing..

I have a car issue so that's why I'm here. Read your post...ask Scottie about a van.

Think about it...I never cared for them till I actually drove one...easy to get in and out..lots of room..was smooth ride..used as much gas as my Kia SUV..not bad on gas. Hell some of them have TV's for the kids. The one I drove was an older one 2005 dodge grand caravan...I'm not suggesting that one...but take some vans for test drives.. it maybe the perfect vehicle for you as your family grows. ...before you need a bus..just kidding...good luck.☺️

Thanks for the reply. I could care less about the vans. I've driven 4 different vans and I found them all uncomfortable... like I'm driving in a kitchen chair. Also, I do a lot of backroad, logging road, offroad canoing with my kids and I need 4WD and a high ground clearance. I've been considering an Acadia or Expedition or a pre 2010 Explorer.

I've been there I bought a 2007 Ford Explorer the problem with those explorers is the transmission would go which happened to me at 180 something thousand Miles the rebuilt transmission went it is possible that the eight cylinder explorers had a beefier transmission but I don't know that for a fact you would have to look it up
The V8 expeditions are actually pretty good like for example 2012 strong engine strong transmission you can get them for cheaper than a Highlander and you have real four-wheel drive not all wheel drive and higher clearance
If you want to fit a lot of kids and a lot of stuff maybe think about getting an excursion for most people it is overkill but if you have a lot of kids and a lot of things and want a vehicle you can take the whole family off-roading in the excursion is the way to go
GM is a little sketchy I personally would stay away from the Acadia
The post 2010 V6 naturally aspirated explorers aren't all so terrible  and they actually are pretty decent off-roading but I can't tell you how reliable they are

  1. you should be able to get a Honda Pilot or Mazda CX-9 for cheaper than a Highlander but Rocky is right unless you specifically want an SUV minivans are the way to go get a sienna
  2. You could also get a 2008 to 2012 RAV4 some of them had a third row but then you don't have any trunk space and the third row is very squishy

Thanks for the info. Rav4 eh? Interesting. I've been thinking of the Pilot so I can just pilfer my Ridgeline but I'm worried that might be too small too!

The pilot is bigger than the Highlander you have an extra seat
If you want a third row with trunk space you're going to have to get an expedition el Suburban or Yukon XL