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No start after overloading cigarette lighter


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1992 Camry 4cyl, automatic, 210,000 mi. No issues except this:

My son forgot what I told him a while back & plugged in a ViAir compressor into the cig/power outlet, instead of going directly to the battery to inflate his tires. In 3 seconds it went dead. The ignition/key now does nothing, no dash lights, no tail lights, no radio, no pw or door locks, and more. The horn, 4way flashers, dome light and headlights do work.

I pulled & checked every fuse (with meter) that I could find. Including under the hood, & the 30A/40A ones behind the AC duct (AM1 & 2), left of steering column.

Thanks, guys, I'm stumped.

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If you have power on the AM1 fuse (Always) but no power on the CIG/Radio fuse (ignition ACCY/ON) then like MMJoe (@imperator) says, check the ignition switch.



sounds like a dead ignition switch. Find a schematic and use a meter to verify

Thanks, MMJ. I'll check that in the daylight tomorrow. I kinda' put that down the list of "checkings" today... I think the light ring being illuminated around the switch may have fooled me.

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I'm 99% sure my problem is solved. I used a 30a bladed fuse, jump-wired (yellow) as pictured, leaving the blown 100a fuse in the holder. I had the alternator disconnected, along with the battery negative. Having tested for power (or not) at the alternator previously, I figured it was my issue. I connected the alternator wire, then the battery negative. The 30a fuse blew immediately. I disconnected the battery, swapped in a good alternator, and replaced the 30a tester fuse. I connected the negative cable on the battery again and all seems good. No blown tester fuse. The dash lights, tail lights, etc, seem to all be working now.
The battery was down to 11.9v. I put a trickle charge on it so the alternator doesn't have to do it. Tomorrow, I'll button it all up with a new 100 amp fuse and start the car when the battery is up to snuff. Thanks, Gents. I really appreciate the help. (I hope my picture posts)

Nice work. so a bad alternator was shorting the battery. It's actually not the first time I've heard of this.
What brand was the bad alternator or where did you get it?

The bad (new) alternator blew two 30a test fuses I "jumped" in to confirm it needed replacing. Premier Gear PG-14611 is the make and part number. has all the info. They post a tab, top right, to buy on Amazon. Brand new, not remanufactured. Funny thing, I could not believe the 92 Camry 2.2 alternator was listed for only $37. Really! I immediately bought it, with free delivery ( took 2 days) and warranty. They replaced the bad alternator at no charge, but five days later it listed for $91. That's a kicker. Many thanks again.