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99 Buick Rear Suspension


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I've got a '99 Buick, the engine is strong, and it runs great, but the "Dynaride" air suspension system does not work. It's really noticeable in the rear; it sags real bad.  Strutmasters has a kit that I am planning to use. Questions Below:

Do I need to replace both the front and rear shocks and struts? (Or, can I get away with just doing the rear?)

Do I need to replace the rear struts and coil springs? 

What my blind spot, this job seems simple, but is there anything else I need to think about? 



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You could do just the rear if you wanted to. But realize when you switch them out you probably get all kinds of warning lights come on the dash. That's just what happens when you disconnect the factory system. Generally warning lights will come on but don't ride okay