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ZF 9 speed transmission service


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Hi, I have a 2016 Honda Pilot with 65k miles on the clock. It has a ZF 9 speed transmission that I believe it was never serviced by the previous owner.

I've got the procedure to service the transmission but I found it a little overkill. 

Since the transmission is not leaking, shouldn't be enough drain the transmission, measure the amount that came out and put back in the same amount of new transmission fluid?

Or is the ZF transmission some how different?

Thank you.

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I think put 'whatever the amount came out' is most simple and accurate way of change.

You can check out more details on Pilot forum (I believe website).

Also, new Passport have ZF9 transmission so you can ask there too.

From what I know, it takes about 3.5 qt so if I were you, I'd just put 3.5 qt and open the 'level plug' after warming up the car. Which will drain out whatever excess amount it has.


It may, it may not - I would just follow the instructions.


You really want to service your car more frequently - the ZF 9HP has a well deserved reputation...


I wonder, when it's functioning well, does it shift smoothly and fast? I only saw ones that are breaking down and they would really jerk and hesitate...

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After the software update the transmission is indeed less jurky.

So the 9 speed still jerks and has rough shifts after everything…