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99 honda accord fuel pressure problem


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I have an automatic  99 Honda Accord 170k miles. Won’t start.  Swapped fuel pump relay. Spark good.  Cylinders fire with starter fluid ……Pressure tested fuel and it pumps up into 40’s PSI with key on but during crank it stops pumping pressure.   Any clues?

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I have a 1999 Honda Accord.  

One of the problems I had around 200K miles, was when it wouldn't start consistently.  The solution was to change out a relay/module underneath the base of the steering column.  It might be this.  Or at least worth a check.

Another time, the other problem was something on the fuel pump, but the mechanic just changed out the whole pump.  But this doesn't sound like your problem.

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I appreciate the information but this does not fit my problem