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Automatic Transmission Flush on VW?


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2012 Volkswagen Golf, 112k miles, 2.5L DOHC w/ 6-speed Auto TipTronic


 Hi all,

I bought this thing 2,000 miles ago.

I know scotty doesn't love VWs, but I got a ridiculous deal ($3500 private seller) and its clean and runs and drives great.

I fully intent on keeping this thing LONG term. I want to extend its life with preventative maintance.

(It is in the shop right now getting CV axels, front wheel bearings, rotors).


QUESTION: Should I have the transmission fluid changed?

It shifts perfectly now. My goal is for it to keep shifting perfectly long term.

I understand that it has an AISIN 09G (Second Generation) 6 SPEED AUTOMATIC.

With automatics, Scotty seems to say either (1) you change it religiously or (2) you don't touch it and the grit will keep it from slipping later in life.

(Unfortunately, I have no indication if it has ever been changed)

All the volkswagen guys on the golf forums say to change the 09G every 60k.

As I understand, the Aisin 09G isn't build for a true flush.

The best you can do is drain about 85% out, and replace with new fluid (around 3qts of old fluid remains in torque converter during flush).

The Ravenol ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid T-WS Lifetime 1L is recommended as a cost effective OEM equivelant fluid.

I would ask a shop to do it, as its got to be pumped in.

Do it or no???




Covington, Virginia


 Also, any other recommended VW maintanence suggestions?

I'm planing on Air filter, Fuel filter, coil packs and spark plugs soon.

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you don't touch it and the grit will keep it from slipping later in life.

never with only 112k miles, and not on a healthy transmission.

If grit is the only thing holding a tranny together, then it's ready for the scrap heap anyway.


That's a tough one. I would change the fluid but safe the old fluid incase a problem arises. Also never have it flushed.