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Throttle Body Assembly


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Hi all, ‘14 Jeep Patriot 2.4 88,500 miles. Throttle Body is taking a crap. My thought is If the OEM assembly is dying at 88,000, would aftermarket be a better option?

Please elaborate on "taking a crap".

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You didn't do your research. P2110 does not mean the throttle took a crap. It means the throttle is forcibly limiting engine RPM as a failsafe to protect you or the engine ("limp home mode"), because the computer detected a serious problem elsewhere. To fix this, you need to find out what is causing the computer to drop into limp mode, and there can be many causes. Replacing the throttle body is a common mistake.


So start off with the basic stuff:

  • Does the vehicle have any other symptoms?
  • Does a scanner give ANY other trouble codes?
  • Have your battery/alternator tested
  • Check all relays and fuses.
  • Is the engine temperature in the normal range
  • Air filter clean?
  • Is the Mass Air Flow Sensor reading accurately?
  • Are the wheel speed sensors reading accurately?


Ok thank you. I have work to do🙂


Have you cleaned the MAF sensor too? And the spring mechanism?

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Intermittent P2110 code. 

It’s worth noting that I’ve cleaned it recently, with Scotty’s instruction 👍

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My car has MAP sensor but no MAF. I haven’t cleaned the spring mechanism though.

Is that located underneath the aluminum type case attached to the throttle body itself?