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chevy express rust and paint chips


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every chevy express I see has rust on the roof. and a defect?? or a huge chip in the hood and rusted under the door.. why do they rust like that.?

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bad paint

And because they're usually used for work, so people don't care too much.


The roof: A coat of wax every few months would prevent that, unfortunately many people are too lazy to do that.

Rusting out: pretty much the same as the roof unless the vehicle was from the snow belt where they salt the roads

GM did have a few years that the paint peeled off. Mostly when the genious's in D.C. banned lead paint.

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Wax would not have saved these vans. I've seen videos of the paint peeling off in huge sheets just from the pressure of a garden hose nozzle.
Lead paint was banned ages ago. These problems started with water based paint.
They rust under the door, because to get into these vehicles you have to step on the door sill. Do thise a few times with dirty boots and the paint will be gone. GM never bothered to put additional protection here. Also, the doors are positioned directly below the front of the rain gutter.

You're right, it was water based not lead free. DOH!