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2006 Hummer h2 nearly totaled. ok for rebuild?


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I was driving on the highway hit a pot hole boom control arm damages every thing.  I had it lifted 5 inches and put new shock and struts and control arm. the insurance company said it is close to totaled. and said lots of damage to the passenger suspension. and was asking me are you sure to rebuild. I said yes and they are redoing the whole font end of the car. was it an good choose to rebuild? it has 98,000 miles. I hardly drive it. (garage kept car) so that's why my millage is so low and I am kinda the original owner. my grandpa had it. he was the first person to own it. and he  then he passed in 2008. and it sat in his garage for years. my grandma didn't want it. so I took it. I 

cleaned fuel filter and tank Flushed all of the fluids but the tranny and coolant. then lifted it 5 inches and now here i am. I was going 88 miles an hour (dont judge me for doing 80 in a 60.)

Dose it still have potential even after rebuild. and why would it brake off. 


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why would it brake off?



Oh I dunno. It might have something to do with your driving habits?


Keep your foot on the throttle.


I was going 88 miles an hour ... in a 60

Really? You're surprised? Let me break it down ... the faster you drive, the more energy you give the vehicle. Translation: *$%^ breaks faster.



How much is it going to cost you?

Also "brake off" is when you take your foot off the brake pedal.

none the insurance company said they will get the rest. but. the city would have payed for the damages for not reparing a  pothole in a highway. but. because of massive amounts of speed I got busted and I have to pay to fix the pot hole they said I made it worse.

The insurance company is not in the business of giving away money. They will raise your payments, and you will end up paying much more than what the damage is worth, over the course of years. If you ask, they will break it down for you.


The only thing helping you with this is the fact there is a rather large truck frame underpinning that H2. Damaged frames on trucks and very old cars (talking early 80s and before, approximately) are easy to repair because the body sits on the frame, and frame sections can be replaced if too damaged. The body's not THE frame (your run of the mill car is built like this.


Going 88 MPH (you were actually doing 90+, if you didn't have that spedometer corrected for the wheel size if you changed them, everyone neglects this) is what destroyed your front end. Those are built on Chevrolet 3500 HD front frames, that's not an easy piece of steel to destroy. I'm guessing you put big tires and rims under it as well as the 5" lift. Those all mess with the geometry of the suspension and contribute to causing damage in high stress situations, as you found out. Vehicle frames are highly engineered structures and don't perform correctly when taken out of their design ranges. Sidewalls also absorb impacts and cushion the vehicle. H2s have huge sidewalls from the factory. Super-sized rims and thinner sidewalls do the exact opposite. 

So in a nutshell ima a idiot. that needs to take the 5 inch lift ooff and need to put an 2 inch instesd.

also how is the 1979 Pontiac Catalina and it running tooo (rich??) or lean.

Slow down and pay attention to what's in front of you, not behind you, first and foremost. I wouldn't lift it at all, personally. Those H2s have plenty of clearance and "macho" factor just being what they are. Your girlfriend will also appreciate it. Women don't like having to nearly use ladders to climb into your SUV or truck. Mine complains about getting into my 4×4 off-road Ranger and it's only riding on 31s, which are the factory recommended size.

Pontiac is running better, but still rich.


Depends on how good they can rebuild it, I had a Korean car that was almost totaled - but it was rebuilt so well by my insurance it was impossible to even notice that it had any damage (although the geometry was a bit off as the engine mounts went out soon after).

In another case, when I had an issue with my corolla and took it to an alignment guy, except for finding the issue - it turned out the angles on the car were really off meaning who ever previously rebuilt it has done a s*** job.

So basically, it depends a lot. But hey, that's an H2, those Tahoes are heavy and sturdy - I think that it is probably possible to rebuild it right.

Also, pro tip: don't speed - if that'd be something bigger a pole you'd be toast.

you can see how a survivable impact at 40mph (the kind of impact you'd walk away from) turns into a literal death sentence at 56mph even on a well built big and heavy Honda SUV.

(I linked a video with a time stamp so it only shows the impact at 56mph, if you want, you can rewind the video to it's start, frankly what really surprised me is the difference between 50 and 56 mph - but that's understandable, if you remember high-school physics class kinetic energy is 0.5*(m * v^2 ))

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will it make any difference that it is the sut (the trcuck version)) (small truck bed) reminds me of a 2007 chevy avalanche.


88MPH is 129 feet per second!

anything substantial hit a 129 FPS is going to cause a LOT of damage.


i'm getting that funny feeling that the driver drives extra fast all the time Scared  

meh.. no here in my town every one rides your behind, and puts on bright lighs. so the answer is to speed off.
Never got pulled over.

... until now. Right?
That's not an excuse. You are responsible for your own driving and the damage it creates.
Don't be the radar bait. Let them pass and fill that role for you.

Right on, Joe! Just pull over and let them be the fool, not you.


I personally would not waste my money (or any money) on it. 


Well, the good news is, once it is fixed, you could sell the thing to somebody into off-roading for a good bit, if you wanted to anyway.


not if it has blinged out wheels

@mountainmanjoe well that would just be sad.

no blingy weels on my ride. Im not a fan of pimping rides.