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I have a 2014 BMW 328i auto (RWD) with 75k miles that I need to tow. U-haul has two options, a tow dolly that has two wheels lifted and the other two on the road, and a flatbed with all wheels on the trailer and none on the road. I was wondering if I can just put the car into neutral and raise the rear wheels on the tow dolly and drive it to the shop which is less than 10 miles away, or if I have to use the flatbed trailer like U-haul is saying. I am also towing with a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L V8, so I do not think I will have any trouble there. Thanks in advance. 

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you should have a sticker under the hood showing you how to tow it. Or check the owner's manual.


Just tow backwards with the rear end up, but as low as permissible. Check, first though, front struts for wear. Make sure that front will not bottom down at any time during the trip. If it won’t, you be just fine. But if it possibly will, … get a flat bed. 


if doing that, then I think you need to secure the steering wheel

Absolutely, … ignition lock is not enough, and most likely will get damaged in the process if relied on. In fact, the best thing to do is to unlock the steering interlock and use rope to secure the steering wheel tight.