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Honda Valve Cover Gasket


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I have a 2005 Honda Accord LX 2.4L automatic with 125K miles. I am losing oil whenever I check the dipstick and add some accordingly. I did and oil change at 123K December 2020. I cleaned the PCV valve and the issue persists. I am pretty sure I am not burning oil since the exhaust does not smoke and I do not have any check engine lights. I have never changed the valve cover gasket and am wondering if you can lose oil from a bad gasket and if I should replace it. Thanks in advance.

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How much oil are you adding between oil changes?  Looks like your last oil change was 2,000 miles ago.  If you are not burning oil, then you must be leaking it.  To be sure where it is coming from, try the method below with UV dye and some cool glasses:


If it's not burning the oil as you say, it must be leaking.  Is it leaking?