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[Solved] 79 Scout Project


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Hello, I'm starting a 79 Scout project. It hasn't been running for years and there was some kind of problem when it was parked. I've drained the oil and it's really dark but not metal parts. I want to clean out the gas tank but would rather not take it off. What would be the best way to clean the gas tank while still on the car?  I'm concerned with any gunk or residue from the evaporated gasoline. Based on my online research I was thinking of pouring in a gallon of Kerosene and letting it sit for a while. Is Kerosene a good option? How long should I let it sit?

Thanks, Lance

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The correct way to do this is to remove the tank and have it steam cleaned, or get a new one.  I do not think the kerosene option is going to do the job.