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Jaguar XF 2012 Engine Staling


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So I have a Jaguar XF 2012 5.0 Engine rebuilt after I drove it for a mile without an oil :/

After the rebuild, the car won't start properly for the first 3-4 times, when you press the ignition button, the RPM revs up to ~2000 rpm, then it goes down and up till complete 0 rpm and check engine light show up, then you repeat this process 3-4 times and it will work.

Now later in the day if you stopped the car and start it, it will not do the issue, generally, it's always in the mornings.


Not sure what is the issue, any help would be really appreciated?




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Have you tried pulling any codes from it when you get the check engine light? That would greatly narrow down the issue.

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Yes I did, The codes are P0172-00 & P0175-00.

I tried to clean the Mass Airflow Sensors, throttle body and O2 Sensors still with no luck

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An update, so the codes are gone now after the clean up of the mass airflow sensor, o2 sensors and throttle body, but the issue still persist, no new code in the computer

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