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Which Camry should I buy


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Hello, am looking at getting a camry XSE 2016 or 17 are there  any known issues with this years for both the 4 and 6 cylinder versions?

And also the 4 cylinder version seems boring, how much might the maintenance cost for the v6 version and will it last as long as the 4 cylinder version?,

And lastly has anyone actually gotten 21 city and 30hw gas mileage on the v6 or is it just made values  to sell them, like scotty says or has toyota actually engineered them to be that efficient?


Also this will be my first car, hence am still excited about driving, is the v6 a great choice or am I tryna kill myself 🤣?
Will like to get your advice and opinion.
*Wisdom and right counsel is in the bosom of the elders* 🙂

Adding @Mod_Man who owns a 2015 XSE

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Well my wife drives a 2015 XLE 4 cylinder and we have NEVER had a problem out of it. We can get 38 MPG from it on the highway and now, at 76k miles, it is still running like a top. 

We have done every service religiously and used fully synthetic oil and Shell fuel the entire time since new. I'd recommend it for someone who wants a reliable sedan that gets excellent MPG.


@Mod_Man Did you change your tranny fluid? I've heard some people started having TC problem after fluid change after 70k miles

I did change it out at 60k, just a drain and fill on it. No problems so far at all.


Both years are fine and excellent choice.  They also happen to be the final 2 years of that generation so usually bugs/issues would be ironed out by then.  You can’t go wrong with either one.  In terms of total cost of ownership (including maintenance and repairs), the I4 is cheaper and easier to work on since you have one cylinder bank and not 2 (in the V6), and should last a little longer than the V6.  Getting to the spark plugs in the back of the V6 can be a royal pain (look on YouTube).  However, I have no problems recommending either engine option.  Test drive them both and see if the I4 is adequate for you.  Personally, I’d go with the V6.  I can’t speak to real-life mpg:  someone else can chime in or you can check the Toyota forums.  And of course, have an independent honest mechanic check whichever one out before you buy.



Your choice. The V6 sacrifices very little in fuel economy over the I4.