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Black transmussion fluid, no slips, only hard to 2nd ... if solenoids are cleaned and restores performance, is it good to change fluid


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Good day, love your channel. I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX 4cyl w 115k miles. It shifts hard coming out of 1st and sometimes out of second, depending on how fast the shift is required from the gas pedal. Things work smooth when driver has a light foot. The Trans fluid is black, although I followed one of your videos and extracted 24 Oz of it w a siphon and replaced it with 24 Oz of transmission slip additive that comes in the white bottle. Shift is still hard. 


So the question: I understand that the common informed opinion by most is to leave the fluid as is in order to obtain maximum remaining usage out of the transmission.  However, since it is not actually slipping, I am wondering how likely it is that a full fluid change at this point could yield an even longer life. I am assuming that the hard shift is primarily a result of hard debris clogging the fluid somewhere like the shift control solenoid(s) and I will clean the screens asap. But with the fluid being so dark already, I would imagine that the hard shifting may not stay fixed for very long until the screens get clogged again. Is black fluid a clear indication that it's too late too change fluid, or is there a compelling chance that because it shifts slow only coming out of first that the only problem is the slow flow of fluid through the solenoids?

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Check to see if your transmission has a control cable that connects to the throttle. On some transmissions this controls shift quality and may have to be adjusted.


take it to a transmission expert