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broken off valve cover bolt


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Does anyone know any good tricks to remove a broken off valve cover bolt, preferably without removing the valve cover. It broke while tightening after replacing the gasket.

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Well if you have room you drill out the old one and then retap it with a tap and die but that's not that easy working with the valve cover on


drill a hole in the bolt and use an eeze-out to remove it

Thanks. I was looking for thoughts on doing that without removing the newly installed valve cover. It probably will come down to having enough room like Scotty said.


You could try a left handed twist drill bit, if the bolt isn't too seized up.

Thanks. I was asking on behalf of @galabonic and his "valve cover gasket replacement gone bad". I see you have been trying to help too. I knew if I posted a question at that time of day Mr. Kilmer would probably respond and it worked. My aim was to see if he knew any good tricks without removing the valve cover again.