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Hey Scotty, I am planning on getting a Toyota Celica between the years 2003 and 2006 that is 143 horse power with 16V 1.8 VVTI engine. What do you think about this particular model , given what you said about the 2002 Celica GTS? Is there an issue or they are better? If they are no better, what is the issue with this model?

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I would never buy one of those they were very cheaply made and that Yamaha derived engine I've never ever customer keep one for any like the time without ever to replace the engine when they broke down

Are there any similar looking cars cuz I love the looks of it and I can’t find anything like it. Also in Bulgaria we have a new law that if a car is older than 20 years it can’t be driven in the centre of the city I live in even if it passes the dangerous emissions test.