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Car revs itself when the clutch is pressed to often


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Hi Scotty, i dont know if you will read this but im gonna try my luck on a car problem that i have for 2 years now and no mechanic in my country managed to fix it hopping you can help me, i have a 2010 VW POLO 1.2 TSI With turbo and during the winter when i turn my car on and the engine gets hot when i drive through the city and i have to you the clutch often every time i press the clutch down the car revs up to 4000rpm and stays there for couple of seconds if i keep driving the car turns off itself and wont turn on without letting it cool for 2-3 hours this happens only when the tempatures are low never happens during the summer. Hopefully you can help by making a video or just a quick answer thank you in advance.

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Well the throttle seems to be sticking when it's cold metal shrinks and I'm assuming somehow the throttle is sticking. I would clean the throttle really well and pray it isn't just worn and need complete replacing of throttle assembly