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[Solved] 93 chevy blazer 200k on body 75 on motor


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So I thank you for taking the time to check this out I have replaced the oil pump pressure switch and three changes and still have low oil pressure after warm up the car has no loss in power no stalling and not lights unless I take it on hwy there is also no knock it just need this truck for work and dont know what to do!

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Have you checked the actual oil pressure using a mechanical gauge?

I havnt yet the only reason I was able to replace all that stuff was because I can take stuff out and remember how to put it back but cannot diagnose much less use the diagnostic tools well besides the standard scanner but since its obd1 I dont have a unit to tackle that and also have no clue how to test the oil pressure my voltage regulator guage is erratic same with gas guage could it be a bad cluster? Should I oil pressure test then replace cluster or vice versa?

It's pretty easy to check oil pressure, get yourself a mechanical oil pressure gauge at Auto Zone or similar place and connect it in place of the oil pressure switch. Then observe oil pressure under operating conditions.

Fair enough thank you very much just for peace if mind if it was yhe bearings the hwy driving and ill the driving around she wouldve blown by now right been about 3 weeks of daily driving


It sounds like the oil pump is worn out.  As far as the gauges go, these Chevys are famous for cracked solder joints at the back of the cluster.  I have just pulled out the cluster and re-soldered the connections with fresh solder and they work fine.