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Hi all. I have a 1995 landcruiser (Euro version) thats been sitting, ignored. Car starts with carb cleaner and runs until warm, then stops idling. I opened the mixture screw 1 1/2 turns and tried increasing idle speed but N.G. Would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks 

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When cold the choke is closed, makes the mixture richer. Then when the engine warms up and the choke opens the mixture goes lean. Idle circuit is probably plugged up with gum and varnish. Wouldn't be a bad idea to rebuild the carb.

Thanks Chuck. Carb might need rebuild but wanna make sure its not anything else first.
Also... truck wont start by itself, needs carb cleaner to fire.
Thanks again

If it needs carb cleaner or starting fluid to fire up you likely have a fuel delivery problem, you'll need to check that as well. Could be plugged fuel filter or weak/bad fuel pump. Obviously the carb can't do much if it's not getting enough fuel! Smile


Remove idle mixture screw.  Spray carb cleaner into the hole.  Install mixture screw with spring and turn in gently until bottomed out.  Unscrew 1 3/4 turns.  Make sure your electric choke is working properly, ie, voltage to the choke coil with ignition on.  Start it and see if the choke plate opens slowly as the engine warms up.  Turn the mixture screw to get highest and smoothest idle. Clockwise is lean, counter clockwise is rich.  Check the air filter, fuel filter and timing.  This should get you started.

Thanks doc... appreciate you taking the time to respond. The choke opens,....then the truck stops idling. I WILL remove the mixture screw and try cleaning


Next best thing is a carb rebuild kit if you can find one.  I just usually change out the carb to a new Weber.

Thank you Doc. I'll look into a new Weber. Have some experience with cars but zero with carburetors, so I'll need to get educated. On how to do the swap. Thanks again


It is pretty much a bolt on procedure and setting up the new linkage.  You vehicle will love you.  The Webers also come with the newer Viton parts that won't dissolve from the alcohol in today's gas.

I love the idea of the weber !!! Any thoughts on the best place to buy one ??

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Hi Doc
See ehat happens when you help someone ? They keep asking !! Took the carburetor off and manifold had a lot of water in i. Started dripping as soon as I took it off ... 16-20 ounces. Someone said it was from fuel pump. Could it be coolant ? I understand if you cant help and either way.... thank you


The intake manifold has coolant running through it, but I never had any taking the carb off.  Probably need to drain some coolant off the radiator, install the carb then refill and burp the radiator.  Did you remove the carb or the entire intake manifold?

Hi Doc. Thank you... hope youre well. Carb is off (gonna tey a rebuild) and I'm removing the intake manifold right now.. I love this truck ...... sometimes. Lol

BTW.... oil does seem to de a little lighter in color have less viscosity...Shit, might be coolant. Well, this is gonna be quite a learning experience. Since its halfway broken down, I might try changing the head gasket.
Thank you kind sir... for your interest and your experience