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Chipped retainer clip


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  • Hey Scotty Id appreciate some help here. I have a 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE Z71 with the limited slip differential. I love the truck and it runs like a champ even after 243 thousand miles. The limited-slip still works great If I floor it in the dirt both tires are locked in the rear still. It drives fine on the highway turning all that stuff. But when I just did my differential fluid I noticed that the retainer clip for the centrifical springs that lock and unlock the rear differential is chipped off about size of a dime ish on the corner of it. Should I be worried about replacing it or just keep driving it? And if so how much is involved in that. I'm hoping I don't have to tear the whole thing apart. Thanks I appreciate all you do.
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 I floor it in the dirt

that's a good way to make it NOT last.


Should I be worried about replacing it

I would replace it before it grenades (from your flooring it) and takes the rest of the differential with it. Then I spend $30 instead of $1,000


It's a 23 year old truck with nearly a quarter of a million miles. There are lots of parts on the brink of failure. Baby the poor thing weather you decide to replace the clip or not.