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Shifting issue.


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Hi Scotty! I Purchased a 2000 jeep Cherokee xj 4.0 with AW4 automatic transmission and 153,000 miles back in April of this year from a guy who was selling his sons vehicle as he had passed away. The story I was told was that he only drove it 8 miles or so to work and back regularly and once he passed it sat for about a year and a half. He wanted 3600 and with cosmetic wear I got him to agree to 1600 as I fell in love with it and want to restore it. Since I bought it however, it has been shifting rough from park to reverse and drive to reverse. Everything else shifts just fine and it shifts smooth as can be going down the road. Just to be sure it wasn’t maintenance neglect I replaced the trans fluid which was in near perfect condition as well as the filter. I also cleaned and changed fluid in both diffs which looked decent as well but the problem persists. It only seems to be stationary shifting that’s an issue. Aside from that the jeep runs fantastic.  Any ideas what might cause this? 

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Well with that mileage off and the transmissions are starting to wear out personally I wouldn't put a bunch of money into that thing they turn into money pits at that age and mileage