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Did a hard pull on the highway and oil exploded everywhere.


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I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz S55 AMG with 105,000 miles.  I had recently replaced the alternator and radiator myself on the car and decided to test out the cars performance under heavy load. Went on the highway put it in manual and banged through the gears pretty hard. after about getting 10-15 seconds of heavy acceleration i started smelling oil and saw smoke trailing behind me in my mirrors. i lost power steering and it got pretty hard and all types of errors were popping on my dash , stuff like ABC suspension and battery light came on.  as i was getting off the highway mild smoke started coming from the engine bay not anything too crazy but noticeable none the least. after popping the hood i could tell the oil had exploded from the right side of the engine. pulled the oil dipstick out and it was completely empty. After further inspection i checked the power steering fluid and there was nothing in there too. eny ideas as to what might have burst under heavy load?

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oil filter? oil cooler lines?