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2011 Nissan Altima 2.5S Constant Issues


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Hey Scotty and community,


I have a 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5S with ~137,000 miles and it seems like there is always something wrong with this car (apart from . When I first got it, it always had this particular noise during startup that goes away after it is warmed up. This noise also occurs when accelerating slightly hard (ex- turning onto a highway entrance or accelerating very slightly hard from a stop). I have uploaded a video of this noise here:(



I can not figure out what it is, but I am hoping it is not rod knocking or a transmission issue, which these jatco's are known for. Has this happened to anyone else?


I also have another issue where I get a constant P0101 code every 50 miles or so (or as often as the engine light can pop up). I clean the MAF with the proper cleaner and I also change the air filter, and I used a new MAF sensor and nothing ever works. Can a dirty throttle body do this? If so, how do I go about cleaning an electric one? Because of this constant trouble, it is a hassle trying to get this car inspected every year as it can never pass and this engine code always pops up, rendering it useless until I fix it and drive 100 miles or so (which is when the car can be finally inspected). But when this finally occurs, the light comes right back on like clockwork. What should I do?


Despite all of this, it can still go from point A to point B, but NYS is so strict on inspections that they will actually mail tickets regarding the inspection and suspend the registration if it goes past a certain amount of time before getting it inspected.


I was thinking about getting a new car, maybe a new Corolla Hatch or Camry (Kinda want the V6 option, but the TRD is the cheapest V6 option, which is not really cheap at all), however, I am a little weary because of the fact that all new cars are becoming less DIY and are starting to require special scan tools and what not to do something as simple as bleed the brakes as an example.


I am so lost, what are your recommendations? Thanks so much in advance.

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Get a Corolla hatch they are fantastic your car is just basically a pile of Nissan junk that will continue to fall apart and odds are the engine is going out now

Love ya Scotty


Generally, Scotty is right about these Altima's as substandard vehicles. (Go to and look up the complaints).


As for the P0101, you may have an undiagnosed vacuum leak or some other source of unmetered air. (Even if the air intake box has cracked, or is loose, well, that, too might cause a P0101 DTC). You may also have some kind of restriction somewhere in the exhaust system, as well, if there's no unmetered air to be found. 


In a larger sense, what you need is a good and thorough general inspection of the car, to determine it's overall shape, in terms of mechanical, electrical and body systems. (If you're in NYS, well, that's the rust belt. If the car is rusting out, and has a limited lifespan, investing in mechanical or electrical repairs is a fool's errand).


If you're near Corning area, it might behoove you to see South Main Auto (SMA). Eric O. is a good diagnostician. (Check out his YouTube channel). 

Thanks for the info! I’ll try to get it on a lift and see if I can find any vacuum leak or unmetered air. Unfortunately, Corning is about a far drive as I mentioned NYS as a more general term. I am close to NYC. Overall though, this car has given me issues since I first got it. I’ll probably have to weigh the cost of repairs vs the worth of the car and how long it will even last. I assume maybe another 10k miles before it’s gone for good