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Dodge Journey freezing weather starting issue


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Hi and thanks.  2010 Dodge Journey base 2.4 motor 176K runs good. I bought it last year before winter came in the issue is when the temp is kinda cold (below 20) for the night it would require jumping to get it to start. I have a trickle charger mounted in the car with the block heater circuit and plugging it in keeps the voltage above 11.5 ( I have a plug in volt/usb dongle that is accurate with my meter) so it starts. When its warmer like 80 today or above 28 overnight it starts np. Did extra ground wires, battery is 2 years old alt reads 14.6 when it gets going then 13.2 after 4 hours or so, and I have taken connectors off PCM to clean and inspect. Since voltage is controlled by PCM what would a component that would contract when cold and cause low voltage? Battery always reads 11.9 12 under hood. These cars seem to be hit or miss with reliability according to the forums and groups but my other car is a 97 C230 Merc and that has had everything replaced(by me, 65) Keep em coming! 

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Posted by: @martyz1

Battery always reads 11.9 12 under hood

A fully charged battery at rest should read 12.7V.

Sounds like yours is bad.



Posted by: @martyz1

 I have a trickle charger ... and plugging it in keeps the voltage above 11.5

... or maybe the problem is your charger. It should really be keeping the voltage at or above 12.7V