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First oil change mileage


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Scotty, do you recommend waiting until the recommended mileage/timeframe to do the first oil change on a new car or doing it much sooner. I've never done it before, but quite a few of the car people I know suggest doing the first change at around 500 miles.


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1 year/5k miles. Use full synthetic. If tracking, shorten the intervals based on how much track time it sees.

No need for a 500 mile oil change. Back in the day, that used to be a good thing to do because all of the shavings from the new metal parts would flush out in the oil and you'd want to get them out of the oil pan. But modern cars have much better metallurgy in their parts and you don't see that anymore. Heck, I'm talking back in the '50's and '60's here is when that used to happen.


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Yes I've read that thread. I am specifically asking about the first oil change. That makes a slight mention, but hoping for a lttle more clarity Smile

Did you read the link I attached? It specifically addresses the first oil change query..

I mean it’s your money, if it makes you feel better, change your oil at 500 miles.