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First Time Used Honda Buyer


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Hi Scotty,

I’m buying my first car and I’m thinking of buying a used 2017 Honda HR-V EX Utility Sport AWD CVT. I’m finding that car dealers are pricing them above what they’re worth and a lot of them have less than 50,000 miles and at least 1 accident with minor damage. They’re priced between $18,000-$20,000 with no warranty. I’m not trading in a vehicle and I have $6600 down payment and I’ll finance the remaining amount. Is the Honda HR-V worth the price?

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You can buy a brand new hr-v at $23,800 msrp. Also brand new Corolla Cross $23,060 msrp. Both can be good options but I personally prefer the Corolla Cross because of the design and interior. Aside from a personal opinion whichever one you like at those prices and those conditions forget about buying used. From what you're saying a low mileage clean one (no accident) is going to be literally the same price of new if not more. If you can wait and don't have to have a car right now find a dealership willing to sell to you at msrp with no dealer added stuff and put down a deposit for an incoming unit and wait for it to come. And make sure you get a signed sales order.


Pass on the accident HRV. That highway is robbery what they are charging. 

At those prices, you may consider a brand new second generation HRV, assuming you can get a new HRV at MSRP or less.