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How do I reinstall fuel injectors


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I recently changed out my fuel injectors on one side. After getting them in about a week after i took the old ones off. I went to try and push them back in their holes and it seems like they are not long enough now because the bracket hits before the get pushed in. I can get the front one but not the middle or back. I know i didn't or even could bend that bracket. I compared the old ones to the new ones and they are the same size.2009 jeep grand cherroke 3.7 Any advice?? Thanks

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You can actually push those injectors too far into the fuel rail.

Make sure it's in the fuel rail only far enough to get the clip into the groove on the injector



It's not the top part . yes the clips are in the slot. I believe since i only lifted up the one side it may have slightly bent the front part of the fuel rail. The thin part but i don't see how that would affect the thicker part of the rail. Because when the back bracket hits the engine that back injector is like almost a 1/2" from sitting in the hole where it's supposed to be


I hope you lubricated the injector o-rings with vaseline before you tried to install them.  If you put them in dry, the 0-ring may have deformed.

Actually gasoline


I use gasoline as a solvent parts cleaner but never as a lubricant.