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Can I instal tires with a shorter sidewall than factory size?


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I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX the factory tire size is 185 70 14 if I put 185 65 14 on there what type of difference would it make

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The tire will be .7" smaller in diameter. Your speedometer and odometer will be off by about 3%.

Would that affect the RPMs at a higher speed

Yes. Higher rpm at any given speed


Also, the 65 profile may have a noticeably harsher ride quality, when compared to the 70 profile.

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I bought the car I came with the size tires

When it’s time to replace them, go back to factory spec. 

I figured there was something wrong when my RPMs were running High I'm over 3,000 RPM at 80 miles an hour is that right for this car or is it the tires

80mph @3000rpm might actually be normal for the old Honda automatics. It might be exacerbated by the slightly ‘off’ tire size.

I had a 2002 Honda Civic that did lower RPMs at 80 it did about 2000 RPMs at 70

Is your present Civic shifting into top gear?

I'm not sure how can I tell

Count the shifts. How many times do you hear it shift gears? It should match with the number of speeds/gears in your transmission.

It shifted four times is that correct

A quick Google search reveals that it is indeed a 4 speed. So I’d say that if you’re getting the advertised gas mileage, you don’t have too much to worry about for the time being.


it will affect ride quality, transmission shift points, and ABS functionality.

Why don't you want to install normal tires?

Probably the same reason people lower trucks cuz they think it looks cool

I bought the car I came with the size tires


If you believe these people, you are on your own.

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I took the car to NTB' and they said and wouldn't affect anything