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Heater core clogging after 35k miles at dealer flush


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2014 VW GLI 200k

got new radiator, heater core, thermostat and water pump replaced after a standard coolant flush at dealer kept leading to overheating after every individual component added.

now 35k miles later my heater core is clogged again fogging my windows and making me taste disgusting ethylene glycol.

Should I demand a free fix from the dealer? I asked once, the parts guy wouldn’t warranty since 7 months past 12 month warranty and service manager was no help either. 

owner is Mike Sullivan. Owns lots of car dealerships in LA under the LAcarguy brand.

is it possible the service tech used tap water instead of demineralized water which caused an early artificial clog?

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Typical volkswagen with cooling system issues.

Why do you think your heater core is clogged? If you have fog and antifreeze smell inside the cabin, then that is usually a sign that the heater core is leaking.