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1996 Honda Accord shuts off


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 I bought a 96 Honda Accord. Great condition. My son talked me into buying this vehicle cause he's a diesel mechanic . However he passed away 3/31/22. Now I'm left to figure this all out please help. I recently put an alternater and a map sensor  it's still just shutting off while driving . I am lost . The computer says map sensor & O2 sensor now it says nothing . Cause all that was fixed . Has oil has everything . When it shuts off the battery light n oil light comes on n that's it . When I replaced the map sensor it didn't do this for 2-3 hrs woke up this morning went to drive it in less than a mile yep it shut off eventually but will crank but now it shuts right back off it was letting me drive a lil while but not now . I'm going crazy one thing after another.

Clarification: can you provide more information such as mileage, engine, and transmission?

It's a st k shift 4 cylinder

Over 250,000 Mike's

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Well actually tons of things can knock out a car but that particular year had a lot of problems with the ignition switch I would just replace the electrical portion of the switch and pray that's the problem because many of those had that problem


Check your battery terminals. My 1999 Honda Accord terminals were loose, which caused the car to cut off while driving. Tightened them up with a shim, and viola, problem went away.