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How can i figure out how much gallons my dual tanks hold in my 1987 ford f-250 5.0 4x4


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Hey Scotty, i got a 1987 ford f 250 with a dual tank system. only the rear tank works at the moment and i plan replacing both fuel sender units for the gas tanks. the only problem is when i wend to the auto part place,  there is like 2 different capacity choices for both tanks, i also went to ford to ask but they didnt know the answer as well since i guess the truck is to old to hold information on it. and i been circling the forums for answers but everyone has different and conflicting answers.  Is there a way to figure out tank capacity without having to pull the sender unit out to get a part number, that is if its still there haha.

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Siphon all the gas out. Then go fill it up at the gas station. Read what the pump says.


The 19 gallon tank measures 58 7/8 x 12 1/4 x 12 1/2.  The 38 gallon tank measures 27 x 34 1/4 x 13 3/4.  Hope this helps.

Thanks i will go measure when it gets bright outside thankyou, i feel like i am getting somewhere now Smile


Yeah get your VIN number and call a Ford dealer they can look it up

Sadly, i called the dealership and the only information that they can pull up is Where it was produced, what the motor size is and that its a 4wd. i guess i am gonna have to take it out and hopefully find a part number. Thanks!


All the major suppliers carry fuel sending units but you didn't specify gasoline or diesel.

it is gasoline. i dont think ford has ever made a 5.0 diesel motor. the problem i am running into is that all the major suppliers has 2 to 3 different option for each tank depending on the capacity of the tank. i just didnt want to play part roulette