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How do I improve gas mileage?


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Any suggestions to improve gas mileage? I have a 2007 Saturn Vue V6, last year I had my gas pump assembly replaced, and I have changed my tires, spark plugs, changed oil and air filters, spark plugs, and try not to drive over the speed limit, still no improvement. Thanks

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We get asked this a lot.  I recommend taking a look at our FAQ page and look under ‘Fuel’.  Start there.


According to your vehicle was rated at 25 mpg highway and 18 mpg city when it was new. You did not state what you are currently getting.

Adding to what others here have advised and the maintenance that you have already performed, have you cleaned the throttle body? Also could be worn or dirty fuel injectors or oxygen sensors. You mentioned acquiring new tires but tires differ in their rolling resistance which can either help or hinder gas mileage. Do you have them properly inflated?

Poor wheel alignment or sticking brakes can also decrease mpg. And as an engine ages it gradually loses compression and thus becomes less efficient due to the wearing of the cylinder walls, piston rings, valves that do not seat properly due to carbon build-up or worn valve seals, etc.  


You can't magically improve gas mileage on a vehicle with 16 years of service.

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and try not to drive over the speed limit, still no improvement.

Your acceleration is more important than this. Going 10-20 over the limit is nothing compared to an aggressive lead foot.

When you're going twice the speed, you're using 4x more fuel in order to maintain that speed, in the same gear. It's both the lead foot factor, and your speed.

You're right about acceleration, but speed is not exactly 'nothing'. Air resistance becomes significant at higher speeds.

You're both correct, but that's why I added the example of 10-20 over the limit, which is what I understood from OP's comment. It's understandable going 90+ is gonna take a toll on fuel economy.

Aerodynamic drag increases with a square as well. When you're doing 80 and optimum mileage is 60, the amount of drag is pretty significant.

Understandable. Would it be more, less or equally significant than a person with an aggressive acceleration?

it's actually been researched a lot. There's a lot of data available:

Both contribute significantly to reduced gas mileage.

I got better than EPA rated gas mileage in my 1999 Ranger because I was only pushing 55 or 60 mph. EPA rated highway mileage is 18 mpg highway, I got 22.5 MPG around a year ago.


You didn't state what mileage you're getting under what conditions, or how many miles are on that 17-year-old Saturn, but you have to set realistic expectations. A six-cylinder SUV is just not going to get 4-cylinder economy car gas mileage. You might take a look at live data to see if anything looks out of whack.


Few other things - keep tires properly inflated, get extra weight off your car (some people have trunks full of junk), clean MAF sensor, run 505CRF to clean fuel system, don't drive (just kidding).