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HVAC blend door actuator/servo replacement guide step by step


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I have a 2019 Toyota Corolla le 1.8L sedan. Mileage is 80k. When I turn on my car the air control system won’t respond for 30 seconds after that it comes on. The heat won’t turn on even though the temp is set to high. I have connected the old actuator back to see if it was getting power which it was so I confirmed it wasn’t out. My issue is how to remove the air duct in the way to be able to line up the gears on the actuator. 

I wasn’t able to find a guide or video of someone fixing it. Even the Manual didn’t have the info.

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Unfortunately, the way it's designed you have to take the entire dash out to do it correctly. But maybe you can find a mechanic who's done it and figured a trick. I haven't myself. The labor book gives many many hours for a mechanic to do such a job

I’ve found a mechanic that knows how to put it tin but now having trouble with the cable itself as it works sometimes and doesn’t others. Can I hook it up to a system. How can know what the problem is