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Is it okay to get a car before OBD2, 1991 Ford Ranger 5 speed 3.0L


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Hey, I am looking to get a new car. I found a 1991 Ford ranger sport 100252 miles 5 spd 3.0L engine. The seller wants 2500. Now it looks to be a pretty good deal. Minimal rust being in Iowa. My only question is this car was made before 1996 so it doesn't have an obd2. Is that a big deal or is this truck going to be pretty easy to work on as I like wrenching on my vehicles. 


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The main consideration is whether you are ready to deal with the needs of a 30-year-old vehicle. Lots of potential issues caused by decades-old worn and deteriorated parts. A 1991 model will have OBD1 diagnostics which while not as comprehensive as OBD2 can provide clues when things go wrong.


The 3.0 in the Ranger is a pretty solid engine, my 1999 has 274k on it. I put 275 miles more a week on it. OBDI isn't as thorough as OBDII and requires more mechanical aptitude, but it's doable if you know a little bit about diagnosis. My old BMW 540i was a 1994 and had OBDI, the CCV valve blew out and the engine started sucking oil out of the sump and burning it. The CEL light flashes a number of times to indicate the error on some cars after pressing the accelerator a set number of times. My BMW said O2 sensors were bad. Starter fluid revealed the broken CCV valve and vacuum leak. There was nothing wrong with the O2 sensors, once I replaced the assembly, it all stopped. If you're somewhat mechanically inclined, OBDI shouldn't be a problem. 


With this Ranger being as old as it is, replacing all of the vacuum lines and just about everything else under the hood that's rubber is practically a must. My '99 blew up a heater core hose over the summer and leaked out 1/4 of the coolant in less than a mile. You don't want this happening to you. I was lucky and was near home, not the Interstate. Flush the coolant and put new in. You may as well replace the thermostat too. 

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You won't have all the electronic junk to worry about that new vehicles have.  Lots of weird vacuum and thermal vacuum switches to be sure but few sensors.