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What is a good camper van or truck?


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I always trusted Toyota's and Honda's

what's your budget?

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Depends on what kind of set up you’re going to roll with on the truck. Overland I’d stick with a Tacoma or a Frontier. If you’re looking at a bed to camper conversion than I’d say either the F250 6.7 Powerstroke or the 7.3 Godzilla gas motor. Im not big into the camper vans myself just because for me I can convert a truck or turn a midsize into a overlander for cheaper than a camper van. Also a truck conversion will get you to more cool and crazy places a camper van wouldn’t and with a build or conversion you can add or take away whatever you want and make it your own. Again, I don’t know what’s your ultimate plan or if you’re leaning one way or the other so I just dropped in my 2 cents 🤷‍♂️

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