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[Solved] Honda Odyssey Alternator


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I have a 2013 Honda Odyessy and the alternator went out a couple days ago. I would like some help trying to buy a new one. 

First some info about the car. The alternator has already been replaced right before I got the car. I do not know what brand or anything about the previous alternator. It worked for about 20k miles, and it was remanufactured.

From what I have been able to gather is that I should avoid buying O’rilleys Altima and whatever Napas brand is as they don’t seem to last longer then 6-12 months. The internet has pointed me towards Denso. But then I’ve also read that buying a Denso Reman at Napa is different from buying one on Amazon. This is what confuses me. Would buying a Denso OE from Napa be a mistake?


Thanks in Advance for the help. 

That's happened to me in the past. Remanufactured parts are 50/50 and I never had luck with them.. First thing I would do is check you connections and make sure there is no build up. Dirty connections and or loose wires will causes issues. Ive had 2 Hondas and I've replaced mine, but I used a ultra power and wai. Put over 75,000 miles on both with no problems. They are cheap too around 120 to 140 brand-new. Check out Get something new and you should be fine. Problem with Amazon is alot of stuff is fake or it's defective. If the price is to good to be true then it is.

A new denso is the way to go if you don't mind spending that much money. Denso is the OEM that comes with car if I remember correctly. Just shop around for best price. They vary from 395 to 500 or more.

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Of course remanufactures only somewhat of a gamble but if you get an actual denso remanufactured one those are usually quite good. The problem is you never know what you're getting until you have it in your hands at an auto parts store you get to see it you buy it online who knows what it is until you get it and then it's too late


Get your parts with a limited lifetime warranty, or don't buy them.