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2010 VW GTI no compression


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Hi Scotty, my 2010 VW GTI 265,000 kms doesn’t turn over. It was compression tested and it was zero PSI. There was no symptoms of the engine failing beforehand. What should I do? Thanks Smile

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Zero psi on all cylinders is not good, but if the engine doesn't turn over, but how was it compression tested? 


There's really only three reasons for your engine to not turn over, either your battery is dead, your starter or its relay is toast, or your engine's locked up. Check that the battery is over 12 volts, ideally 12.7 volts. If you're hearing the starter click but not turn, put a socket on the big bolt of the crankshaft pulley and try to turn the engine over, turning toward the driver's side. Make one full revolution. You'll need a long breaker bar to get enough torque. If it turns a little and stops, your engine's locked up and binding the starter, your engine's toast. The lack of compression could be an indicator of this. 

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Find a good honest mechanic to do the test corrrectly. 


By the sounds of things this is the 207hp EA888 2.0

At 160k miles it lasted more than it does for most owners, the 200hp VW EA888 is generally considered to be one of the worst engines out there (nothing close to their old EA113 series - like the one on the GTI 35). 

It's very common for these to burn tons of oil and loose compression (with the only solution being new non-oem forged pistons, or a junkyard/rebuilt engine).

What do you mean by won't turn over? cause as @toyotagrl said if it's seized it's impossible to test it's compression. maybe you mean that it won't crank? and in that case you can watch scotty's video on "crank no start".

Anyway, I'd get it towed to a different shop and if they confirm the diagnosis.

And if your car has the DSG transmission instead of a manual, I wouldn't spend any real money on it. those transmissions weren't great either and also don't last that long...