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Lexus Hood Latch


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My 2013 Lexus ES350's hood latch sometimes seizes up and will not allow the hood to be fully closed. When this happens, my fix is spray it down with WD40 or a penetrating oil, let sit for a few minutes, bounce around a rubber mallet on the sides of it, and eventually it will latch. I'll finish with a spray of white lithium grease. Not too much of a problem when I'm at home changing the oil, but kind of a pain when I'm on the road and filling up my windshield wiper fluid. Is there a way to make a "fix" permanent? This doesn't happen every time I open the hood, but enough to be a concern. Thanks!

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Perhaps there is a better answer than this but I would just get a working latch at the junk yard and switch it. 


don't forget to adjust the hood bump stops