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Dear Sir, 

My name is Roman, and I am looking for a car. 

My family and I have never owned a vehicle, and I need some advice. 

How can I know, if it's a good time and a good deal to buy a used car?

I found a Honda CR-V 2013 with 70,000 millages without accidents, for 16750 / no tax.  Is it okay to pay this amount for the car of 2013? 

Even, if it's a Honda? 


Thank you for your time and consideration, 


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Prices for everything are high right now due to the vehicle shortage.

I would stick to Honda/Toyota/Lexus and have it inspected prior to purchase by a capable mechanic.


Well the market is crazy at this time. I have seen way worse prices. Check your market and see what similar vehicles are going for. Don't rush to get a vehicle because you may be sorry in the end. Whatever vehicle you decide,  have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchasing. 


First of all used car prices are high right now because of the car shortage so buying during this time means paying more than you would normally have been paying.

When buying a used car always have a trusted mechanic check the car. Since you said you've never owned a car I'm assuming you don't know a good mechanic so you can ask from people you know who own cars for suggestions on a good mechanic.

Also, given the current high used car prices whatever car you are looking at also look at what a brand new one will cost. In some cases the price of the used one (depending on the year and mileage you are looking at) might be high enough that buying new would make more sense both as far as price and that with brand new car you get a warranty with it and you own it right away so you can take good care of it. With used there's always possibility that the previous owner hasn't taken good care of it.

And definitely look at Toyota or Honda if you want good quality cars with low cost of maintenance and repairs. Lexus is good too but since it's a luxury brand it will be more expensive to buy and also more expensive when it comes to parts and repairs.


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