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2002 GMC Savana Losing gas overnight


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Hi Scotty, I hate to bug you but here goes lol. I have an 02 Gmc Savana 5.7, new jasper motor 2 months old, runs good but when turn it off at night etc, the fuel gauge has dropped at least 1/8 th or more, when turn it on the gauge dont go back up. Smokes white out tailpipe for a while- 15 mins. Driving me nuts, leaky fuel injector maybe ? Gets about100 miles to half a tank, hope you see this, thanks Scotty 🙂

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Yeah if you get a lot of white smoke and you're not losing water from a blown head gasket I would say you probably got a stuck injector or a leaking fuel pressure regulator which is going to make it get horrendous gas mileage