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2011 Scion tC Manual transmission shake


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Hello, I’m new to manual transmissions but I just got a 2011 Scion tC and it’s fun for the most part still trying to get used to the clutch and everything like that, but I had a concern, it got a spare tire on rn Bc previous was very worn out, also needs alignment and I’m planning on doing oil change within the next week, however it go not check engine or anything like that but when I get off into first gear and drive slow (specially around parking lots or my neighborhood that I drive at 10 mph or less) it feels weird like it’s pushing and pulling not so much of a shake side to side but back and forth is this normal in manual car? Am I doing something wrong? I tried changing to second gear and it goes away but then when I slow down it does it again, if I ride the clutch it doesn’t do that but I really don’t want to ride the clutch just for my slow driving to feel smooth since I heard is bad to ride the clutch or am I supposed to? I would love to learn more 

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Check for proper clutch pedal adjustment and clutch master cylinder for proper amount of fluid.