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Mazda SkyActiv-G 2.5 Engine reliability


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Hi Scotty I am thinking of getting one of the latest gen Mazda 3's with a SkyActiv-G 2.5 Engine with a manual transmission. This engine has been around since 2013, I haven't heard anything really bad about it, just wondering your opinion about this engine. Will probably be the last car I buy.

Mine has been pretty solid for 50,000 miles. I bought a 2017 Mazda six with a 2.5 nonturbo and manual transmission. Was very pleased to see Scotty recommended this set up.

@godfatherjam please copy + paste your response in the ‘Your Answer’ section below, thanks.

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No they are pretty well made cuz they've got a deal going with Toyota where they share technologies and having a manual transmission that really makes it the best


That naturally aspirated 2.5L I4 engine is a very solid engine; however, in recent model years (and also depends on the vehicle trim) some came with cylinder deactivation technology - I would avoid that.  Unfortunately, and also depends on model year, on some models cylinder deactivation appears on all trims whereas on others it only appears on select trims.  You would have to check the vehicle brochure to be sure.

One advantage about the cylinder deactivation is that you can turn it off. I don't know if it would be a pain to do that but I know it's possible.


Excellent engines. Stay away from the turbo and cylinder deactivation. 

The turbos are fine, too, and those don’t have cylinder deactivation.

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Thanks, Scotty and all for your replies. Well the plot thickens, I am in Australia and unfortunately all the 2.5-litre engine models come with this useless cylinder deactivation feature. Looking into it a bit I agree it's a feature you definitely don't want to have. Turbo not available on the model 3 in Aus. Mmmm may have to go Toyota although no manual transmission cars are available. Why I wanted Mazda in the first place for their excellent manual 6-speed box.

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may have to go Toyota although no manual transmission cars are available.

I understand you wanting a manual transmission, but a good automatic transmission from Toyota is going to last a long time too if longevity was the reason for wanting manual.