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Mazda turbo or no turbo


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I’m looking at the Mazda CX-50 and want to know if it’s worth spending the extra money to go for the GT with turbo or not. Do I lose out on any major features beside having more power and towing capabilities.

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How long do you intend to keep it? The turbocharged engine will have more service headaches and a shorter lifespan.

I intend for my next car to last me a decade or more. @chucktobias

In that case I'd stay away from the turbocharger.


AVOID the turbo like wildfire!

Their turbo engines are not built right.


things like this (

Are not the exception, extreme oil consumption and blown turbos are the "norm" - crap engines.


Stay away from turbo engines as they don't have the longevity of a non-turbo engine.