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[Solved] Milky radiatior...


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I check underneath the radiatior cap today in my toyota solara 2004 and seen a milkyness in it. It's not in the reservoir tho. Is my car fixable? Or am I screwed? Thanks Scotty

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What did the coolant look like before, was it pink?

Does it look like a pink milkshake now?

It's orange now what has a white gel substance in it. I was just told maybe somebody mixed green with orange coolant. Is that true?

If somebody mixed the coolant, and it was actually the old green stuff that does not play nice with other types of coolant, I would think it would happen fairly quickly after it was added. Did you just happen to check the coolant, or was the car having issues?
I would also check your oil, and your transmission fluid and see if they look funny. As was mentioned, blown head gasket could be an issue, also there is a rare issue of the radiator corroding and mixing the transmission fluid with coolant, that will make the coolant look milky and often pink due to the transmission and coolant color. That issue is often deemed the pink milkshake.
For whatever the issue, you want to act quickly to resolve the issue would be my suggestion.

Yeah I was just checking under the radiatior cap for first time since I got the car 2hf months ago. I haven't been having problem other than regular old car maintenance.i just changed oil clp days ago my the oil was fine.

That is good if you are not experiencing any issues. At the least I would check the transmission fluid to see if it looks funny, and flush the radiator out good, possibly getting a new radiator if it is gummed up.


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My 2004 toyota solara has a white gel in the radiatior coolant. Only under the cap not in the Reservoir. Why and what should I do?

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